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Bangalore has one of the best educational institutions in India and the standard of education is considered to be very high compared to many other states in the country. It is for this reason that students graduating from the Universities in Bangalore are one of the most sought after by the multinationals, Corporates and big industrial houses.

Bangalore is a hub for education for students from all over India and many parts of the world as well. The Common Entrance Test popularly called the CET for admission into the professional course like Engineering, Medicine, Information Technology is very popular throughout the country that students from every nook and corner of India tries their might to get come out successful seeking admission to the varous institutes and colleges of Karnataka in general and Bangalore in particular. Institutions here have excelled in the deliverance of high-quality education in various disciplines to enable students to be prepared for a highly competitive working environment after graduation.

Bangalore has the pride of having the world renowned institutions like the Indian Institute of Science at Yeshwanthpur, Indian Institute of Management (IIM Bangalore) at Bannerghatta Road, Indian Institute of Information Technology, and the Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology.. The standard of education is already high and rising rapidly to meet the standard of the new Internet Economy. Among schools some of the best known ones are Bishop Cottons (for boys and girls), Baldwins(for boys and girls), Sophia High School for girls, Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore International School, Stella Maris and Cluny Convent for girls, St. Josephs for the Boys, Vidhya- vardhaka , National School, Poorna Praghna and the Mallya Aditi School. These schools place emphasis on a good academic education as well as extra-curricular activities to provide a well balanced education..Admissions to any of the good schools is very difficult and parents book their child's place in these schools years in advance (maybe before they're born) as the waiting list is considerably long. As far as medical colleges are concerned some of the best known ones are Bangalore Medical College, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science and M.S.Ramaiah Medical College. Some of these are world-famous and offer exchange programs with the leading institutes in the world. Other well known ones are BIT (Bangalore Institute of Technology), M.Vishweshwaraiah Institute of Technology, B.M.S.College, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, R.V. College of Engineering, U.V.C.E and MES College at Malleshwaram.In addition to the schools and colleges there are several computer training centers like NIIT, Aptech and hundreds of well equipped and well known computer teaching schools.

Educational Institutions - Statistics
Primary schools - 2,772
High schools - 1,177
Pre-University schools - 209
Engineering Colleges - 26
Medical Colleges (Allopathy) - 9
Medical Colleges (General) - 6
Dental Colleges - 12
Law Colleges - 13
Universities - 4
Libraries - 170

(All statistics are approximate and not recent)

Bangalore is home for some of the world famous Science/Research and other Premier institutes such as :

The Indian Institute of Science,
The National Centre for Biological Sciences,
The Raman Research Institute
The Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)

Indian Statistical Institute
Indian Institute of Management
Indian Institute of Plantation Management
Indian Institute of Information Technology

Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Indian Space Research Organisation


It is well known fact that Bangalore developed its Engineering Educational Institutions over the last century and some of the world renowned engineering companies are located in this city like the Motor Industries Company better known as MICO, the automotive components manufacturer, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany and the machine tool manufacturer WIDIA. Among the public sector are the Hindustan Machine Tools, Bharat Electronics Limited and Indian Telephone Industries. However, the last decade has brought in a sea change with the entry of Information technology and the Internet, which has resulted in some of the above mentioned public sector Engineering companies going into the red. Bangalore's rapid industrial rise began in early 1980's. Fleeing the crippling costs of Mumbai and Delhi, a clutch of hi-tech Indian companies relocated here. The cool climate and an untapped pool of highly skilled, English speaking labour, a consequence of the Indian government's decision to concentrate its telecommunications and defence research here in the 1960's lured the multinationals to this city. Within a decade, Bangalore had become a major player in the software market and a magnet for the multinationals such as Motorola and Texas Instruments, who have their own satellite link with head office in Dallas.As such Bangalore emerged as the leader of Information Technology with the entry of numerous mulitnational software companies. The stars among them are our own Bangalore based companies which are now known world wide for their world class software products. These two are the Infosys Technologies, headed by Narayana Murthy and Nandan Nilikeni, and WIPRO, headed by Ajim Premji.. The majority of the employees are all products of the universities and colleges of Bangalore. The Colleges and computer teaching insitutions of Bangalore have contributed a large number of their graduates to some of the world class companies all over the world. The quality education and the tremendous growth of software exports from this city earned it the name "SILICON VALLEY OF INDIA" .Bangalore is poised for a huge growth in the next phase of development where both software and engineering hardware skills would be used to produce intelligent products for the new generation. Bangalore has the foundation to be the industrial leader in India for the new millennium. Bangalore, the city of 4 ½ million people - undoubtedly the fastest growing city in Asia, is a dynamic mix of a fascinating history & an equally wondrous techno-culture. The roots of global culture are very prominent among the people of Bangalore, be it the IT ring or the more than tens-of-thousands of students. Filtering down to everyday life, cyber joints can be found in every major block of the city. It is the urban-oriented, technology-based culture that drives the people of this beautiful city, to make it what it is.

Bangalore is also a leader in exports to different parts of the world. It's textile exports, especially silk are very high and account for a large portion of state revenue. Due to a large number of granite quarries in and around the city granite exports are also very high. Sandalwood and Agarbattis (incense sticks) are also thriving businesses with exports all over the world.






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