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Warmest month - April, temperatures range from 33.4 C to 21.2 C
Coldest month - January, temperatures range from 25.7 C to 15.3 C

Situated at a height of 949 metres (3113 ft.) Above the sea level, the city is blessed with salubrious climate throughout the year. Most of the homes and schools in Bangalore didn't have fans till the beginning of the nineties. In summer while the rest of India wilted in the heat, Bangaloreans would snuggle under warm blankets at night. Thus Bangalore came to be called the Air-conditioned city in India. The city has dry tropical savannah type of climate. The rains are very frequent and the summers are warm. Winters are cold. But no weather goes to its extreme. One can visit the city any time of the year and enjoy the pleasant climate but it is advisable to avoid the rainy season between July and September. This typical climate attracted the retired people to make Bangalore their home giving the city another nickname “ The Pensioner’s Paradise”. However, the city once famed for its refreshing climate is now traveling the polluted path to heat and dust.

Today, in summer the maximum temperature can rise to 36°C while the minimum temperature can drop to 20°C. In winter the maximum temperature can rise to 27°C and fall to less than 17°C. In spite of the maximum weather of 36°C, Bangalore is considered to be one of the coolest cities of India.

The monsoons begin in July and carry on till September. This is a lovely time when everything turns lush green. About 85% of the rainfall is recorded between 4 and 7 in the evening. Hence carrying an umbrella would be a wise thing to do.
Bangalore has a pleasant climate. The greenery of the city is an added attraction along with the climate. The numerous gardens and parks, streets lined with trees are very soothing in what would have been a jungle of concrete.

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Quick Facts

Area: 368 Sq. Kms
Altitude: 3000 feet above sea level
Climate - Salubrious and Warm
Geographical Location
Latitude - 12° 8' North,
Longitude - 77° 37' East
Rainfall Average annual rainfall: 859 mm
Primary rainy season: June - September (South-West Monsoon)
Secondary rainy season: November - December (North-East Monsoon


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