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Since the dawn of time travellers have come to India. They have come in groups like the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, the Portugese, the French, the Dutch and the British. For most of the travellers of olden times, India changed their lives forever. Today you can marvel at the same sights they saw and be dazzled by the same warm welcome that's been 5000 years in the making. One of the destinations, travellers do not want to miss is Bangalore.

Important Information for foreigners visiting India

Visa Requirements

Foreign nationals desirous of visiting India can do so after obtaining a Visa from the Indian Mission or Consulate in the country of their residence. They should also possess a valid National Passport.

Usually a multi entry visa is granted for the purpose of tourism, which would be valid for a period of 180 days. The visa is valid from the date of issue. Transit visas can also be obtianed for a maximum period of 15 days. Travellers on tourist visa for 180 days or less are not required to register themselves with any authority in India, but can move about freely in the country except for restricted areas and prohibited places.

The other visas that are availabe are Business Visa, Student Visa, Conference Visa, Missionaries Visa, Journalist Visa and Employment Visa.

Currency Regulations

There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency or traveller's cheques a tourist may bring into the country provided they make a declaration in the Currency Declaration Form given to them on arrival. This would enable them not only to exchange the currency brought in, but also take back the unspent currency out of India. Cash, brank drafts and travellers cheques up to US $10,000 or equivalent need not be declared at the time of entry. Money in other forms which the tourist wishes to exchange for Indian Rupees should be exchanged only at authorized Money changers like Thomas Cook Ltd., and banks who will issue an encashment certificate that is required at the time of reconversion of any unspent currency to foreign currency. Exchange of foreign currency othen than through banks or authorized money changers is an offense under the Foreign Exchange Regulations Act (FERA) 1973.

Custom Regulations & Formalities

Visitors are generally required to make an oral declarations in respect of baggage and foreign currency in their possession. They are also required to obtain the Currency Declaration Form from the Customs, in additions to disembarkation card handed over to them by the airlines they travelled. There are two channels for Customs Clearance. Green Channel for passengers not in possession of any dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage. Red Channel for passangers with dutiable articles or accompanied baggage or high value articles to be entered on the Tourist Baggage Re export form.

Gifts : Duty free concession for used personal effects excluding jewellery, required for satisfying daily necessities of life. There is no value limit, however the items should be in reasonable quantities. One watch is included in the personal effects and allowed free.

Duty free concession for import of new articles upto a value of Rs. 12000/- (US$ 260.00) if these are carried on the person or in the accompanied baggage of the passenger. Goods in access of Rs. 12000/- will attract duty at the rate of 50% ad-valorem plus 10% surcharge on basic duty and 4% Special Additional duty. The total duty works out to 61.2%

No concession is allowed for new articles if these are not accompanying the passenger (i.e.unaccompanied baggage).

International Airport (click here for International Flight Schedule)

The Bangalore International Airport started on 24 May 2008. f At present, there are 54 incoming/outgoing to and fro flights per week from Singapore, Sharjah, Dubai, Muscat, Kualalumpur, Bangkok, Colombo, Kathmandu and Frankfurt. On an average 25 to 30 flights are operated during the pilgrimage season and Haj.

According to the Airports Authority of India statistics, 4,231 domestic aircraft use the existing airport each month, carrying around 2.45 lakh passengers.

Another 46,000 passengers fly on 472 international flights both ways.

The international flights, whose frequency has increased, operate Airbus 320 and 340 and Boeing 747 aircraft, each carrying up to 300 passengers at a time.

Apart from the passenger flights there are 23 International Cargo flights per week, being flown by Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Blue Dart, Sri Lankan Airlines and Air India.

  • A waiting lounge facility has been provided in the departure hall. Considering the needs of the passengers and the requirement separate counters have been provided for speedy clearance of lady passengers, children, foreign nationals and senior citizens.
  • All efforts are made to clear the passengers expeditiously.
  • A special counter with a uniformed officer is placed for helping and clarifying the doubts of the passengers.
  • Separate counters have been provided for gold and currency declaration.
  • Bangalore being called the Silicon Valley of India, 95% of the passengers walk through the Green Channel.
  • The passengers, over and above the free allowance, are guided to the Red Channel for payment of duty and are being cleared within a short span of two to three minutes.
  • The applicable rules / regulations and facilities applicable to the baggage has been displayed through sign boards at three places in the Customs hall.
  • Catering to the requirement of the passengers whose baggage would not have arrived in their flight a separate section as "Mis-handled Baggage Section" is functioning round the clock to clear the mis-handled baggage of the passengers.
  • Customs officers working in Airport will always be in uniform displaying their name-plates round the clock.
  • An officer equal to the rank of Deputy Commissioner and who can hear the grievances of any passenger is also available round the clock.
  • Suggestion Box is made available both in the Departure and Arrival Halls.
    Intelligence Officers will be in the Airport to check the misuse of the Green Channel by unscrupulous or suspect passengers.
  • Further Grievances / Complaints can be lodged with the Additional Commissioner(Ph: 2864003) or the Commissioner(Ph: 2864739)
    (Source : www.kar.nic.in/blrcustoms.htm)





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