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A Hill Station near Bangalore for your weekend getaway

The majestic southern state of India, Karnataka, is highly diverse and unique in its make. The glorious city of Bangalore is the IT hub of the nation, but that does not mean the place is devoid of natural habitats. There are many quaint little places around Bangalore that make for an awesome weekend respite. Yercaud is one such lesser known places in the vicinity of Bangalore. Yercaud is basically a hill station, located on the Shevaroy Hills. The pride of the Eastern Ghats in the northern most part of Tamil Nadu, the place is breathtakingly beautiful. In Tamil, the term "Yeri" means lake and the term "Kaadu" means forest. Thus, Yercaud has a combo of a nice lake located in the center of its landscape, as well as thick and dense forests.

The best of natural beauty

Coffee, pepper, cardamom, oranges, hills, mountains, and waterfalls, streams: all these words collectively remind one of the beautiful Yercaud. There is a rich array of flora and fauna, and thus the place attracts environment lovers as well as photographers from all over the country and even abroad. The climate is always pleasant here and famously people call Yercaud the poor man's Ooty, due to the fact that the place is less expensive. Come and experience lots of unique and amazing things in this small but extremely rich and eco friendly town of Karnataka.

Activities to indulge in

Yercaud is known for its picturesque and scenic beauty as well as lush greenery. Visitors can come here to escape the rush of city life and enjoy a quiet weekend in the midst of heavenly nature. Quite famous as a popular tourist spot, Yercaud attracts both localites as well as foreigners.
There are many nice trekking spots available in and around the quaint region of Yercaud. However, in the month of May, a lot of fantastic festivals like summer festivals are conducted. These include flower shows, dog shows, boating races and even fun fairs. So make sure to enjoy these to the fullest. Apart from these seasonal activities, some of the other awesome activities to be indulged in Yercaud include:
  • long and beautiful nature walks
  • endless bird watching
  • long treks
  • nature photography

    Thus, there is something for every visitor here. One can even spot some amazing animals like Jackals, Tigers, Panthers, deer, Hyenas and Sloth Bears. Birds spotted in the area include Waders, Red Spur Fowl, Scimitar Babbler, Malabar Whistling Thrushes, Nightjars and night owls.

    Places of interest

    Yercaud is very renowned for its oranges and coffee plantations. There are some really dense forests and thickets that make sure the proper harvest of the fruits like guava, orange; jackfruit and spices like black pepper, cardamom and coffee are done. One can visit these and also observe and learn about the various harvesting modes of coffee.
  • Killiyur Falls
  • Shevaroy Temple
  • Botanical Garden
  • ladys seat
  • big lake
  • pagoda point
  • bears cave
  • small lake
  • Montfort school
  • Anna park
  • silk farm
  • the Grange

    Best time to visit

    The climatic conditions of Yercaud is very ideal, which means that the temperatures never fall or rise to the extremes. Winters are pleasantly chill and the summers refreshingly warm. However, the months from October to June are ideal if one intends to travel outdoors, as one may thus be able to escape the heavy seasonal rains. Thus, come away to Yercaud at any season or any month of the year and experience a wonderful climate, cohesive to travelling and explorations.

    Reaching from Bangalore

    Trichy international airport is the nearest airport from Yercaud, located 163 kms away. However, one can comfortably reach from Bangalore too, which is some 230 kms away. The bengaluru international airport makes sure the foreign tourists can get connected to the city. Being a nice hill station, there is a steady stream of visitors to the place the whole year round. The road ways are well built and thus taxis are readily available too. There are readily available trains as well as buses too from Tamil nadu and other regional states.

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