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One Day Getaways from Bengaluru
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Most of us have rushed routines, and those who do not are either very lucky or out of job. We have tough deadlines to meet, compromises to make in our social life and so much more. The daily pressure of work, and even studies, can get too much to handle for our bodies. To counter that, it is important to let the steam off every now and then.

Organizations as well as schools are realizing the importance of breaks in order to keep the efficiency up. Fortunately, if you are living in Bangalore, you have quite a few options for a quick getaway. There are some amazing places around Bangalore which fit the bill for one day getaways close to the city.

Here is a list of 10 of the best destinations for day outings in Bangalore. There are more, but these 10 are absolutely the best of the lot.

    • Savandurga- Merely 60 km from Bangalore is Savandurga, a well known trekking destination close to the city. It is a huge monolith comprised of two separate peaks- Karigudda and Billigudda. Both the treks are of varying difficult levels, with Billigudda being the easier one and more explored out of the two. While no permission is required for Billigudda trek, you need special permission for the Karigudda trek. However, no matter which trek you choose to embark on, the trek to the top is a rewarding experience. The summit offers fantastic views of the valley. There is even a ruined fort at the top which adds to the charm of it.

    • Ramnagar- There is nothing like a quick rush of adrenaline to rejuvenate you and get your motivation levels going again. Ramnagar is a small village about an hour’s drive from Bangalore. The village first shot to fame as the shooting location for the Hindi film Sholay. Today, it is renowned as the ultimate destination close to Bangalore for rock climbing and rappelling. The granite rocks of the village attract several corporate teams throughout the year for an adventurous one day outing. The best season for adventure here are the months of March to May when the weather is just right and there is no rain around to make the rocks wet and slippery.

    • Skandagiri- There are quite a few trekking trails close to Bangalore which are good for adventure and fun. But there are hardly any trails where you can embark on a night trek. A night trekking experience has its own thrill and adventure. If a night trek suits your adventure palette, consider Skandagiri. This peak is known for its ruined fort which dates back to the Tipu Sultan era. While a night trek is the highlight of this one day outing near Bangalore, you can always enjoy it during the day time as well. In fact, during the winter months when mist envelopes the peak, it looks especially beautiful.

    • Nandi Hills- If you are looking for a one day getaway close to Bangalore where there is no tourist rush, Nandi Hills is a good bet. This largely unexplored hill station is located about an hour’s drive from the city. It is not frequented by too many tourists, which makes it great for a detached and rejuvenating break from work. You can spend your time here taking nature walks, taking cycling tours, or even trying your hand at paragliding. Of course, there is the whole verdant atmosphere of the destination to soothe you.

    • Shivgange- This is another one of the popular trekking trails close to Bangalore. Shivgange peak is located within 60 km from the city of Bangalore. While the trekking trail is one of the easier ones, it is still good enough for a relaxing break from work. You can reach the top and come back within 2-3 hours. It is essentially a pilgrim spot with a temple at the top of the hill and a rover stream that is considered holy. Even if you an atheist, you will still enjoy the beauty of the place.

    • Bheemeshwari- Located in the midst of jungle and close to River Kaveri is Bheemeshwari. It is one of the best adventure getaways close to the Bangalore. The destination offers a whole range of adventure activities. You can go trekking to the top of the nearby hill, try river rafting or kayaking in River Kaveri, enjoy an elephant safari and do so much more. You can even play the game of jungle survival in the lush forests of the place. Jungle survival is an awesome game to play to improve your creative problem solving ability. It even works as a team building activity.

    • Banachukki and Gaganachukki Falls- Located in Shivasamudram, about 100 km from Bangalore, are the twin falls of Banachukki and Gaganachukki. These are stunning waterfalls, but before you start envisaging, these are not really the tallest or very voluminous. Still, they fit the bill well as nice one day outing near Bangalore. The waterfalls are surrounded by lush greenery. When in full flow, you can hear nothing but the sound of water hitting the grounds from a height, which is always a magical experience.

    • Shivasamudram- A little known getaway close to Bangalore is Shivasamudram, a little more than 100 km from the city. The destination is blessed with lush greenery, a few small temples, and absolutely scenic locations. There are nature walks to take here, and even trekking trails to enjoy. You won’t see too many people here at any time of the year, which is always a good thing when you are looking for a break from monotony. You can spend your time just admiring the gifts of nature and doing absolutely nothing.

    • Hogenakkal Falls- Hogenakkal Falls, close to the city of Bangalore, are also called the "Niagara Falls of India." That in itself speaks a lot about the beauty of these waterfalls. It is a spot frequented by travelers from Bangalore as well as Chennai. The highlight of this one day outing close to Bangalore is the boat ride in a local boat known as Teppa. Unlike the usual boats, Teppa is circular in shape. Enjoy a ride to the base of the falls, which makes for a refreshing experience.

    • Banerghatta National Park- The national park is situated merely 25 km from Bangalore? Hard to believe? Well, it is true. The park is not the largest forest reserve in the country, with an area of around 104 square kilometers only. However, there are quite a few species of animals and birds to be spotted here. When you are looking for a wild experience but do not have too much time on your hand, consider going on a safari in Banerghatta National Park. It will refresh your senses.


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