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CNN/IBN Live carried a story about Bangalore's highway success being jammed. As with all other negative stories, every newspaper/website and blog cut and pasted this story on to theirs.

Bangalore has been criticized from all corners for its poor infrastructure and major companies and multinationals who have been the backbone for Bangalore's present state have threatened to leave Bangalore.

A gist of the article is as follows (cut and paste again)

Bangalore's traffic nightmare is the cause for slowing down of the hi-paced Garden City's advancement.

While the rest of India drives on the left side of the road; Bangaloreans drive on what's left of the road.

In the rest of India, there's no flyover with a traffic intersection; in Bangalore, they have a traffic signal and criss-crossing traffic atop a flyover.

In the rest of India, one-way roads mean traffic can only move one way; in Bangalore, there are two ways traffic can move on a one-way road.

The city that adds 600 to 800 vehicles to its girdle everyday, (that is, nearly two-and-a half lakh vehicles every year) has just 1,800 policemen manning it.

Obviously, something's just not right.

While this website or its visitors can do nothing about this major problem of Bangalore, we thought there would be some bright ideas out there with the general public and we should give them an opportunity to voice their opinion. Who knows....you could be the one with the Brightest idea to ease this problem.

Whle improving infrastructure, roads, building flyovers are the responsibility of the Government, Is it also not our responsibiity as citizens of the fastest growing city in the world to contribute our share to its growth?. Should we not follow the traffic rules by respecting the signals and not flouting them ? Let us help the Government in meeting the demands of the World and see a better Bangalore, which should become the most sought after city in the World.

Well, let's hear what you have to say about improving Infrastructure in Bangalore. DiscoverBangalore wishes to thank every one who have taken and time and effort to give your opinion on this major issue which is haunting the City's growth.


  Read what Bangaloreans have to Say

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