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DiscoverBangalore is pleased to to bring a review on one of the latest Pubs in Bangalore that has gained a lot of popularity among the beer drinking public. U B Githa reviews.

Bull and Bush - A Pub
Garuda Mall 4th Floor

It’s just opened and the Bull and Bush pub is becoming the haunt of the yuppies thronging the malls. This new entrant to the club of 250 pubs that Bangalore boasts of, is sure to send the night temperature soaring and the adrenalins thumping. Its sights and sound sure take you for a sixer.The culmination of the effort of four entrepreneurs, Mr.Raghu is well experienced in this field with a chain of pubs. Mr.Rohit, the youngest in the team 4 is a computer engineer and his passion for providing a unique experience is obvious. With the latest gizmos and music no effort has been spared to give it the authentic touch of an English pub with an Indian twist.

I remember visiting a pub a decade ago when this concept was new and monopolized or peppered every Bangalorean’s talk. The loud music, swirls of cigarette smoke, the thick and heavy hanging smell of alcohol and sweat and people packed like sardines-- and I never visited any pub after that. Indeed it was a pleasant surprise when the architect Mr. Alex Jacob extended an invite to the Bull & Bush pub on the 4th floor of Garuda Mall, opposite Inox multiplex to see today’s version. Things have definitely changed for the better. The loud music made conversation a bit difficult but the ambience and enthu of dynamic Rohit and seasoned Alex set the evening going. Mr. Alex’s work has integrated nuances of renowned architect Charles Correra having worked with him. The strong sense of drama is deliberate as Alex drew upon young unknown talents to work on the interiors. The visage of a bull majestically crafted in leather greets as one steps into the place. Just rivet the gaze to the entrance ceiling and there’s the silhouette of a man juxtaposed with the curves of a woman opposite staring at you. The wall has a mural of a raging bull in red with a cigar dangling and a hat and the macho feel of a Ferrari cannot be missed. Does it reflect the nature of the yuppie crowd who visit this place?? There is a plush comfortably furnished discreet lounge done in light shade at one end. In fact this place is two pubs- SOS and Bull and Bush with a single entrance that attracts the techie and the middle aged. The SOS-Sultanate of Swing is trendy that can accommodate nearly 200 people with the latest hip hop and retro music. Attractively done in shades of pink, violet, white, copper, and rich polished wood, steel and leather it has an air of bonhomie with the lingerie lamp shades(the pub is a take on B’lore’s presence as a fashion hub and was meant to be named as “haute”says Alex) and is more for the retro crowd than the metro. Lounge, retro, hip hop are the music played by India’s No 1 DJ. B&B has the relaxed crowd, those who amble and are taken by surprise that there is a pub and try to check it out. Some drop in for a quick drink during the theatre break. These form a bulk of their customers. Music is classic and contemporary rock fusing well into the ambience.

Public houses or pubs originating in UK were places owned by large breweries that had bar counters where people enjoyed their drink and met friends. The most popular had an informal air besides being attractively decorated. Many pubs are called as The Bulls, referring to the time when monks authorized by an abbot maintained the guest house. The abbot’s license as a churchman used to bear a bulla (seal).Developing from the Roman tabernae (wine shop) they were situated along main roads and marked by ivy bushes. Those that served quality drinks did not have this sign, and the origin to the saying that good wine needs no bush took roots from this. The Bull and Bush is a popular chain of pubs across the UK more so in London even today. I am told that there was a pub by the name in the 1950’s that rocked the scene, on Brigade road very popular with the British army officers, and later on with the Indian army chaps and that the probable location was where Nilgiris is housed today. Subsequently it changed tracks to house a record store.


A bit of history, as also the catchy name has been thoughtfully knitted by the owners that match the range of drinks expertly concocted and mixed by the experienced bartender Pandyan who is given a free hand. The shooters given in a test tube as Rohit puts it, are to be swallowed in one go –bottoms up (no pun) and go very well with any drink. There are 30 varieties of shooters in varied colours and flavours to tickle the senses that are vodka/gin/Tequila based that are not listed on the menu and meant for those who have a great feeling for taste as Pandyan keeps changing them weekly. The international Slippery nipple finds a place here. A drink of dark rum, pineapple and lime juices was good, so also the aniseed liqueur. I sniffed and twirled the Michael Harrow, the French wine like a connoisseur. I thought I saw the Onida devil in the Chilly Vodka where chillies are marinated for 8 hours to get that fiery taste as chilly blends perfectly with Vodka. This was something new and out of this world. I hope Alex did not notice the fiendish grin on yours truly. I recommend the above drinks with the ubiquitous fresh draught beer.Mocktails are customized and are known as the Barman’s Special. A good variety of wines are showcased and top of the shelf whisky is available. Food is as it should be- playing second fiddle to the bar. The drinks ranging from 90/= to 225/- is not exorbitant considering the fringe benefits of the music, ambience, being in a mall with fries from France.

In an internationally reputed city with its expats and a burgeoning populace who have experienced international standards of excellence it’s challenging to have a pub matching their expectations in a mall says Rohit. Open from 11am -11pm it can be visited for the coffee and starters served.

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Visitor's Feedback : The restaurant has been rated as Excellent on all four traits below by the following persons: Ajay,Shilpa, Ashish and Kumar. In addition the following have a few comments to add.

Hemanth says "SOS has one of the best ambience i have seen across 3 continents(Asia, N.America, and Central Europe)...its a treat for the eyes..a \'must see\' for visitors to bangalore and a \'must go\' for bangloreans...cheers.."

Kumar says "superb crowd awesome music simply mindblowing"

Sharath says "Real cool place, the music rocks, great ambience
good place to party !!! cheers"

Swami writes " SOS/ Bull and Busch can be compared to any Pub around the world for its varied music tracks, fantastic ambience and exciting Drinks.. I would not be surprised if you guys set this as a benchmark for other Pubs in Pub City. The New Years eve Party was mind blowing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Best of luck for the Future

Gowtham Bantapalli writes "It is a great place to be in to relax and rejoice the wonderful music and girls wandering around. "

Praveen says " this is the happening place in town,great crowd to hang around,great work guys keep up the good work,try the chilly vodka shooter tooo gud..cheers"

Surya adds " its the new place where we can have personal and official parties."

Srikanth writes : where do you get a pub with such an ambience, great music, great beer and top it all such parking space..kudos to rohit and team


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