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DiscoverBangalore is pleased to to bring a review on one of the popular Ice cream parlours in North Bangalore. U B Githa reviews.

Phalaamritha - Ice cream Parlour
Malleshwaram 8th & 9th Cross

In 8th Cross Malleswaram with its temples, matha, bustling commercial market that comes alive in the evenings ,the regular vegetable market and the lately come Johnny of a swanky departmental store, a well known brand of jewelry shop etc one is likely to miss a small ice cream parlour on this M.G.Road of Malleswaram as I did. But the treat inside more than makes up for the loss of time. It’s in places like this that the new entrepreneurial face of India can be discerned. Mrs Saroja a professor from Maharaja’s college, Mysore called it a day nearly three years ago to take a bold step of putting her talents to better use. She’s a far cry from the Mandyam Iyengari Maami that we are familiar with. A very articulate and pleasant Saroja had the support of her brother in the first steps that she took in this venture. With the active assistance from her brilliant engineer daughter Rashmi, who believes that jobs have to be generated and entrepreneurship encouraged, her son in law and a cousin, Saroja is enjoying every moment of this transition from teaching to business. Being new to this line it was sheer grit and challenge of seeing through this venture that culminated in Phalaamritha, a name that warms the cockles of the Malleswarean. Sheer word of mouth publicity has built its clientele, becoming popular with the evening family and after dinner crowds.

Known in and around the area for its vegetarian ice creams and health juices the North Indians and Jains have made this their favourite place. The products being natural with minimal recipes are very light and one can taste and feel the goodness of Mother Nature in them. With 23 varieties of home made ice cream (in scoops and in cups without even the addition of gelatin),Kulfis and 7 variants of herbal juices she today takes bulk orders that take her away from the company of her 3 year grand daughter for the entire day. She wanted to bring the best of the branded ice creams in half the prices of those available only in the up market areas. Family and party packs in half and one litre are available as take aways at 60/= to 150/-.The new additions are the milk shakes and iced teas.


The health juices under the PRAKRUTI brand are sourced from a Girijan society in B.R.Hills, Mysore recognized by KVIC, Govt of Karnataka. They contain no preservatives or additives as the pulp is marinated in sugar, excepting the black berry (Jamun) juice that’s a boon to the diabetics. The verdant green Nellikai (amla /wild gooseberry) sherbet was inviting. The sogade/Sarsaparilla juice extracted from the root part, in its faint honey colour was invigorating. The masala jal jeera is for those who do not want to have a sweet taste. The cocoum-pink coloured drink was soothing with the onset of summer. These are body coolants and good for those having attacks of migraine and acidity. The popular ginger-lime concoction though a recommended drink in the winters was good with the tangy taste just right. Fresh fruit juices are not sold here, but Badam milk is available. After these heady combinations I was tempted to go in for the Chaats with the smell of the poris getting stronger by the minute.

Ice creams being seasonal, the Chaat section was opened and is a new entrant in the cool domain of the ice creams where there is a premium in the standards maintained. The differently made Masala Pori chaat which is hot unlike the cold preparations that are generally available had ground nuts and the spicy taste that started at the tip of my tongue seared down the throat. Those with delicate dispositions better tread on the path familiar. Then I followed this with a wee helping of the Kodabaele masala chaat and with the unusual crunchy kodabele and peanuts it’s worth a second helping. Catch these before the chaat waalas call it a day by 9 PM.Then it’s the roll call of the ice creams which Shobha the assistant made a whopping large helping of (seasonal fruit) fruit salad, nuts and ice cream of nearly 7-9 flavours with gulkhand which is not a favourite with me. This wicked gadbad fortunately did not put the spanner in the works and I surprisingly could go in for 2 more small helpings of the very special Kesar (pure saffron strands) ice cream and Manoranjani ice-cream. Saroja tells me that the edible flower Manoranjani growing on the B.R.Hills and Melkote region changes its colour and taste every season and this is captured in the ice cream along with dry fruits and that’s their signature item. The royal delight is worth giving a try that’s a helping of ice cream in chocolate, strawberry or butterscotch sauce with sprinkling of nuts. The phalaamrutha special is a favourite priced at a classy 40/=. The fast moving Kulfis in 8 flavours are from milky to creamy consistency embellished with cashew nuts, pistachios etc.The gulkhand (rose petals boiled in sugar solution) ice creams are an all time favourite here. The branded ice creams of the cornettos, chocobars, casettas, candies are from Dairy day (that believes in natural vegetarian fare).The nutty bar can drive one nuts with the butter scotch filling wrapped in crunchy chocolate, was a delite from the usual vanilla based filling. The taste is exotic. The 24 carat cassata with a rich helping of cake layers, jam nuts and ice-cream is priced at 30/-. The matka kulfi gives a feeling of earthiness. Reasonably priced they are a big draw. As Saroja was counting the tokens and finalizing the accounts for the day, I prepared to go home with surprisingly a light and springy step and no hangover with the stuffing of the previous night.

The kulfis are in the range of 3/= to 17/=, ice creams from 6/-to 18/- per scoop. Milk shakes are in the range of 20/- to 25/=. Iced teas are at 12/-, the bars are at 15-20/-.The bottled concentrates range from 60/- to 75/-.The swinger sundae with a combo of 4 ice creams at 18/- really rocks.Chaats are priced from 6/- to 12/- served in eco friendly plates.

Open from 10.30am -3.00pm and 4.30pm-9.00pm, in summer this break is a luxury.

14/1, West Park Road,
Between 8th & 9th Cross
Bangalore 560 003
Ph: 57675755

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Feedback from our visitors:

One visitor (name withheld on request) giving the Parlour an Excellent rating under three traits writes "very friendly and homely ; authentic vegetarian ice creams ; also high energy herbal juices good afer a long walk - all seasons; casual interesting chaats ; nice hang out after a hectic malleshwarm 8th cross shopping day hats off to Prof. Saroja."

Indira says " Since all items are of natural flavours without any artificial flavours the products are excellent for health conscious people who wish to have both taste and health. In spite of the commercial busy surroundings the place offers uniquely quiet and hygienic ambience. One can just have any of the items here without any hesitation as they are all healthy preparations having medicinal values


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